24 of April, 2005
Expert Software Solutions, Inc. is please to announce a revolutionary software solution to manage the gated communities in Puerto Rico; ResidentXP.



Software Development Approach
Expert Software Solutions, Inc.  specializes in creating small business software. Building custom software takes several key steps.  We focuses on doing projects right the first time.



See the Possibilities...
Expert Software Solutions, Inc can help your small business by reducing the overall work load, minimizing data entry and re-entry mistakes, doing electronic transmissions instead of moving paper, and improving the accessibility of your company's data for reporting and decision-making.



Who we are?

Expert Software Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of state-of-the-art information technology and consulting solutions for all kind of possible clients. Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the company has experienced continuous growth since it was founded in 2001. Our success has been based on our ability to rapidly develop solutions that incorporate leading edge technologies and innovative approaches at greatly reduced cost. We are able to achieve this by maintaining the agility of a small entrepreneurial organization, even as we grow and take on larger projects.
Expert Software Solutions, Inc. provides leading-edge information technology solutions with a full spectrum of development and consulting services. Our unique approach to development allows us to rapidly produce robust data-driven systems at an extremely competitive cost to our clients.
As an organization, we are committed to high quality products, total customer satisfaction and a progressive work environment. We invite you to learn more about our company by exploring the information offered within this site. If you would be interested in obtaining additional information or would like to share your comments, please feel free to contact us or use our feedback form.

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